My name is Zhuoni. In the recent year which is my first master year, my interest and effort focus on user experience design, web development, and game design. I’m able to do sketch, prototypes and user evaluations by several design skills.

My background is computer science. I learned professional skills of computer science in my undergraduate years. I’m familiar with web application development, with proficient skills in HTML5, Javascript, Processing, D3.js, Three.js. And I can also familiarly use C&C++, Python, and PHP. I have learned knowledge about computer system and organization.

Another area of my background is design. I loved architecture, so I spent two years to learn architecture design. In the process, I learned many design skills, including excellent skills to use Adobe Creative software, perfect 3D modeling, and rendering by using Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, SketchUp, KeyShot.

With a mixed academic computer science and design background, I believe I can become a good user experience designer or engineer.