I’m Zhuoni Yang

My background in computer science has taught me the importance of attention to robust software usability, which I’ve combined with my user experience skills to help companies focusing on IT technology. I’m also strong in design, because I self-learned design skills for a long time in any free time. Three years ago, in order to learn design, I rapidly learn color, design principles, Adobe suites, such as how to draw a beautiful logical diagram. I even can design an interactive fantastic Architecture, from digital modeling, designing space, to physical model.

From CMU professional UX design course, I exercised strong UX design skills, from user research to rapidly prototype design. I’ve so familiar with brainstorming, contextual inquiry, logical insights findings, and excellent visual design skills.

My intern experience as a UX designer and also full stack developer for TalkMeUp, a startup focusing on AI technology, includes crafting beautiful web responsive applications for AI-based communication training product. I’d love to apply my expertise in design and experience collaborating cross-functionally with product management and development teams to help you build your product.

I think I can bring you UX team with sharp eyes on technology. My passion is to design products not only for great user experience but also friendly for engineers to implement, with robust structures from front-end to backend, design by data-driven analysis. Last but important, I will be free to convert my role from designer to engineer if needed.